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Grow Your Practice 15-30%. Guaranteed.


MedMarketLink Healthcare Marketing Program by Vanguard Communications | ladder

Public relations, marketing, and tech guarantees 15-30% new patient growth.

The guarantee

The only healthcare marketing program guaranteeing new patient growth of 15 to 30% in year one – or we work for free. (We’ve never had to work for free.)

Patient education

We go beyond advertising. Our healthcare writing experts produce clinically accurate and patient-friendly information.


Beyond consulting: less pain, lower costs

We resolve common pain points:

Patient intake workflow
Phone call bottlenecks
Billing processes
Patient retention

The even better guarantee

Combining MedMarketLink and MedAmorphosis, we up our growth guarantee:?20 to 35 percent in year one.

You can focus on medicine

More than marketing, consulting, or advertising. We're multi-disciplinary fire starters.

About Us

The peerless practice defined

Less than 1% of practices achieve these five performance metrics.

How do you rate?

Skin in the game

We guarantee new patients. Or we work for free. (We’ve never had to work for free.)

Growth guaranteed
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